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At Bay Health Clinic we have a multidisciplinary approach to natural healthcare. Practitioners are skilled in tailoring natural heath programmes to your unique requirements. Whatever your health concerns, Bay Health Clinic Practitioners are highly trained to bring to light the issues and advise the best course of action to bring you back to your full potential. Our experienced practitioners are skilled in tailoring a wide range of natural health programmes to your unique requirements. Meet our lovely team. Click on each of the practitioners to find out more about how they can help you.




Jaine Kirtley

Naturopath, Nutritionist &
Registered Mental Health Nurse




Serina Gardner

Naturopath &
Medical Herbalist



Vanessa King

Naturopath, Bowen Practitioner
& Massage Therapist

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Belinda Smith

Naturopath, Nutritionist
and Medical Herbalist




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Belinda Smith – Naturopath, Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist

Belinda is passionate about helping you and your family to be healthy and well.  A family Naturopath with both Naturopathic qualifications and a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, she has recently returned home to New Zealand with her husband and two sons to join our team after 10 years practicing in Australia. 

The unique 7 Systems of Health approach to Mind-Body medicine

If you are looking for a holistic approach to wellness, Belinda utilises the unique 7 Systems of Health approach to Mind-Body medicine and offers nutritional, herbal support and lifestyle guidance for a wide variety of conditions in clinic.  If you or anyone in your family have digestive issues, possible food intolerances or struggle with mental health or hormonal issues, Belinda has a special interest in helping support these complaints.  Do you want more energy and zest for life? Belinda can assess for nutritional deficiencies, digestive health status and food intolerances that may be stopping you from feeling vital. 

Tests Belinda Uses 

In clinic, Belinda utilises various testing tools such as:

Hemaview Live Blood Analysis,

BIA Cellular Health Analysis

IgG Food Intolerance testing. 

These help to get to the root of what may be contributing to your current health state.  You will receive a comprehensive report of the test and be guided through the results.

Nourish Your Kids; Help for Busy Mums

Want to learn how to nourish your kids to be healthy and strong?  As mum of two boys, Belinda is passionate about educating busy mums on how to nourish their families with whole foods and natural medicine.  If you’re after new ideas for the lunchbox or breakfast menu, she’d love to help.

Stop Dieting Start Nourishing

Stop dieting, start nourishing.  Let go of dieting, learn about mindful eating and colourful, personalised nutrition.  Improve your relationship with food and of course, your beautiful self. Belinda has found over the years that many people are unhappy with their weight and often suffer from disordered eating behaviours.  This is one of the reasons why she became a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner.  Not an advocate of diets, her approach is focused around helping you to improve your relationship with food through personalised nutrition, mindful eating and living. 

Transform Your Health

You can learn a great deal from your health state.  Being unwell or having a diagnosis can be confronting and a catalyst for change.  No matter what stage you’re at with your health, Belinda looks forward to helping guide and support you to transform your own health and therefore your life, rediscovering wellness, naturally. 

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