Meet The Bay Health Clinic Team


At Bay Health Clinic we have a multidisciplinary approach to natural healthcare. Practitioners are skilled in tailoring natural heath programmes to your unique requirements. Whatever your health concerns, Bay Health Clinic Practitioners are highly trained to bring to light the issues and advise the best course of action to bring you back to your full potential. Our experienced practitioners are skilled in tailoring a wide range of natural health programmes to your unique requirements. Meet our lovely team. Click on each of the practitioners to find out more about how they can help you.




Jaine Kirtley

Naturopath, Nutritionist &
Registered Mental Health Nurse




Serina Gardner

Naturopath &
Medical Herbalist



Vanessa King

Naturopath, Bowen Practitioner
& Massage Therapist

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Belinda Smith

Naturopath, Nutritionist
and Medical Herbalist









Serina Gardner: Naturopath


Serina Gardner, is a Bachelor qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist & Nutritionist who specialises in holistic wellbeing. Using natural methods, she is focused on promoting health, laughter and love to facilitate your return to optimal health and wellness.


Serina is passionate about women's and children's health. As a mother herself, she has come to deeply appreciate how even small changes in your children's and/or your own health can truly enhance your whole family’s wellbeing. With this goal in mind, Serina works holistically to create a plan for you based on lifestyle, nutrition and better body function, and offers continued support to you to achieve the health and lifestyle you have always wanted.


Drawn to natural health in her early twenties, Serina’s turning point was when she realised the importance of nutrition and how little she knew about it. This started her passion of reading as many health books as she could get her hands on, her fascination with aromatherapy, and led her to begin making her own skin and personal care products in an effort to reduce the chemical load commercial products subject our bodies to.  All this served only to further fuel Serina’s desire to learn more about natural health and she continued to read as much as she could on nutrition, medicinal herbs, and natural home remedies.  


After the birth of her daughter and her husband’s life changing accident in 2007, Serina realised that life is short and this gave her the courage and motivation to return to school to complete her Bachelor of Natural Medicine. Throughout her journey she has learnt much about goal setting and following her dreams rather than just talking about them.


Since completing her Bachelor of Natural Medicine, Serina has created two amazing product lines: 

  • Nourishe Skincare is a natural skincare range that is handcrafted, and free of all nasty chemicals, artificial fragrances, colourings, mineral oils, silicons, sulfates & parabens. The range provides everything you need to trully nourish your skin, including a nourishing face cream, face scrub, healing cream, and cleansing, body, & pregnancy oils. 
  • Natural Family Herbs is a range of super convenient herbal sprays designed to help you and your family gain and maintain optimal health & wellbeing. This fantastic range works on both a physical and emotional level due to the blend of medicinal herbs & bach flowers, and they are suitable for both adults and children. 


“I love listening to clients; helping them set goals, overcome obstacles, and find a great life & nutrition balance.  I love watching clients become healthier and happier and am very excited to help you and your family enjoy a healthier happier life.”


Contact Serina now if you would like to arrange an appointment, via phone on (07) 571 3226; or 027 471 6571; or email:; or