Roz McIntosh

Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach

Registered Nurse 


Roz believes in a down to earth, wholefoods approach to good health, focusing on simple, sustainable strategies for modern, busy people.


Her specialty areas are weight loss, digestive health, fatigue, and creating easy to follow meals plans.


She also educates, motivates and inspires people through her social media accounts and weekly blogs, where she shares nutrition advice, as well as simple delicious recipes.


After years working as an RN, she became frustrated with the “ambulance at the bottom of the cliff” approach and consequently became passionate about preventative health.


As a Nutrition Coach, Roz works step by step, educating and supporting you to make the changes you desire to improve your overall health and happiness.

She facilitates clients to tune into their bodies and discover a way of eating that suits not only their own unique biology but their lifestyle as well.

Facebook - @rozmcintoshnutrition

Instagram - @rozmcintosh_nutrition

Phone – 0220972470

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